Car Air Conditioning in Wymondham

R134A and R1234F air conditioning re-charge service in Wymondham, Norfolk at CSN Autos

*If you are unsure which gas your vehicle required please select one and we will discuss this with you on the day if necessary. Hybrid and electric vehicles are subject to a £9.99 surcharge due to extended procedures*

Correctly maintaining your cars air conditioning unit will strain the engine less, improving fuel efficiency. We can offer R-134a and R-1234f servicing for your aircon service, leaving your car's aircon in top condition when we deliver the car to you. When conducting an air conditioning service for your car, you can be confident in reliable repairs done at CSN Autos.

At CSN Autos, our mechanics are experienced and highly-trained when it comes to vehicle repairs.

Get booked in for an Aircon Service before the summer

You can book this service online using our interactive booking system. It's quick and convenient and allows you to browse our availability to find the best time for you to book this service. If you have any questions, or just want some friendly advice feel free to give us a call.

Problems with your Aircon system?

Most vehicle manufacturers suggest that you have your cars air conditioning system serviced at least every other year. The reason for this is because over 10% of your aircon gas permeates and leaks through visible joints between components each year.

The result of this could be:

  • Reduced fuel economy as the compressor has to work harder to maintain lower temperatures.
  • Internal corrosion caused by moisture in the air reacting with air-con refrigerant.
  • Component or system failure.

When you come to our workshop in Wymondham for an air conditioning service, we will clean your aircon system, removing the dirt and bacteria. We'll re-fill the refrigerant and service the system to get it back to its best.

You'll then be able to keep the car nice and cosy with de-misted windows in the colder months while staying cool in your car while the sun is blazing down on you.

A/C Dashboard Controls - Car Air Conditioning Wymondham

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