Car Diagnostics in Wymondham

CSN Autos are your local diagnostics experts serving the Norfolk area

You can book a diagnostics check online using our booking system; it allows you to browse through our availability to find the date and time that suits you. Or simply give us a call and we will get you booked in at your earliest convenience. 

Using the latest technologies, we can plug directly into the ECU and take a reading of the data stored there. With this in hand, one of our expertly trained technicians can analyse any of the faults found there. The ECU communicates with and monitors a wide array of systems across the vehicle, including:

  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Stability Control
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Engine Management System
  • Airbag Systems
  • Vehicle Emission System
  • Power-Train Control Module
  • Transmission
  • Air Control Valves

Once we know what is wrong, we can begin to establish a clear repair solution. We will provide you with a quote for the necessary work and, with your consent, will start conducting the repairs to our exacting standards.

Expert Trouble Shooting

At CSN Autos, we have a reputation for being diagnostic specialists, we can undertake complex fault-finding missions. There's no job to difficult and we pride ourselves on our "we won't be beaten" mentality.

Mechanic doing a diagnostics check - Car Diagnostics Wymondham

Do you have a warning message appearing on your dashboard? If so give us a call on 01953 425983 or send us a message using our Contact form.