Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Servicing in Wymondham

Electric vehicle servicing available online in Wymondham, Norfolk with CSN Autos

*If you are unsure which service to select, please choose the most relevant and we will be happy to call you back or discuss the more suitable options on the day*.

Electric and hybrid vehicles still require servicing at the same intervals as traditional vehicles, for example, tyre checking, wiper blade replacement and brake fluid changes are all still needed, and like any vehicle, it will need to undergo an annual MOT test once it is over 3 years old.

Surprisingly electric car (and hybrid) maintenance is far simpler than the maintenance of a normal vehicle; With fewer serviceable items, there’s far less to worry about. This makes electric car servicing and maintenance much more cost-effective

One area that is proving to require regular attention on electric vehicles and PHEV's is the braking systems due to the regenerative/recuperative braking systems they use Regenerative braking uses the electric motor to slow the vehicle which in turn puts some charge back into the battery, the issue comes about because, quite simply, the system is very good so the 'normal' brakes don't move much and seize up! However, despite the brakes requiring regular servicing market research suggests maintaining an electric vehicle costs approximately 30% less compared to a 'normal' engined vehicle.

So What Is Involved In An Electric Vehicle Service

The technician will carry out many of the usual checks you would expect on a service, in addition to that when you choose us to carry out your EV service we will strip free off and lubricate the brake moving components, carry out an electronic diagnostic check to ensure the battery system is fault-free, we also give the high voltage cables a visual inspection, and finally, check out the heating/cooling system to ensure this is working efficiently.